Docker and Kubernetes Course Highlights

Program Highlights
  1. DID Sessions

  2. Interview Questions Discussion

  3. Recorded Videos Of Each Session

  4. Weekly Assignment

  5. Resume Preparation

  6. Mock Interviews

Docker And Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes curriculum

  1. What is Terraform?
  2. Terraform Providers
  3. Terraform Resources
  4. Terraform Modules
  5. Writing IaC – Terraform Modules for AWS Infrastructure Automation.
  6. Plan, Deploy, Destroy AWS Resources using Terraform
  7. Q&A – Discussion on Interview Questions.
  1. What is Docker?
  2. Container Introduction
  3. Docker Architecture
  4. Container Registry
  5. Virtual VM Vs. Containers
  6. How to Install and Configure Docker on Linux Instances
  7. How to Build custom Docker Images
  8. Dockerfile Introduction and How to write Dockerfile
  9. Docker networking
  10. Docker volumes
  11. Container Management
  12. Container Monitoring
  13. Build-Ship-Run Apps on Docker
  14. Q&A – Discussion on Interview Questions.
  1. Why Kubernetes?
  2. Kubernetes Introduction
  3. Kubernetes Architecture
  4. Microservices Architecture
  5. Monolithic Vs. Microservices
  6. Kubernetes Installation methods
  7. Configure Kubernetes Cluster using kubeadm
  8. Configure Kubernetes Cluster using Kops
  9. Manage Kubernetes using the EKS cluster.
  10. Create Kubernetes Cluster and Management.
  11. Kubernetes PODs Management
  12. Kubernetes Services 
  13. Kubernetes Deployments
  14. Kubernetes Replica Sets
  15. ConfigMaps
  16. Secrets
  17. Ingress Controllers
  18. Statefulset Deployments
  19. Persistent Volumes
  20. Persistent Volume Claims
  21. Helm Deployments
  22. Rancher Integration
  23. Q&A – Discussion on Interview Questions.
  1. Install and setup Elastic Stack – Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Kibana
  2. How to Log PODs 
  3. Q&A – Discussion on Interview Questions.
  1. Setup Monitoring stack 
  2. Visualize real-time application metrics
  3. Q&A – Discussion on Interview Questions.
  1. JIRA Tool
  2. Scrum Management
  3. Real-Time DevOps Lifecycle Project Flow
  4. DevOps Engineer Roles & Responsibilities
  5. Mock Interview Support
  6. Resume Preparation
  7. WorkBeforeGetJob – Real-Time Work Demonstration with Practicality. 
  8. Q&A – Discussion on Interview Questions.

Docker and Kubernetes Training Certification

Training Certification


All our mentors are highly qualified and experience professionals. All have at least 8-10 yrs of development experience in various technologies and are trained by Dot Net Tricks to deliver interactive training to the participants.

Yes we do. You will get access to the entire content including class videos, mockups, and assignments through LMS.

Yes we do. As the technology upgrades we do update our content and provide your training on latest version of that technology.

All online training classes are recorded. You will get the recorded sessions so that you can watch the online classes when you want. Also, you can join other class to do your missing classes.

Yes, we do. We will discuss all possible technical interview questions and answers during the training program so that you can prepare yourself for interview.

In short, no. Check our licensing that you agree to by using Dot Net Tricks LMS. We track this stuff, any abuse of copyright is taken seriously. Thanks for your understanding on this one.

Yes, We would be providing you with the certificate of completion of the program, once you have successfully submitted all the assessment and it has been verified by our subject matter experts.

A container is a software that contains an application code and all its dependencies. It enables an application to run quickly in an isolated environment and provides smooth migration from one computing environment to another. It works with all major Linux & Windows Server and share the same OS kernel.

Docker is a light weight, open and secure platform for developing, shipping and running applications using container technology. It provides Container solutions for developers, architects, DevOps, and IT People. Also, it run on most Linux distributions, Windows and Mac OS.

Docker helps to create ready-to-run packaged applications, low cost deployment. It also improve speed and frequency of releases, reliability of deployments. You should learn docker t make app lifecycle efficient, consistent and repeatable-configure once and run many times.

Docker is used to simplify development and release of the software. So it’s useful for both developers as well as administrator.

Kubernetes is an open-source container management (orchestration) tool. It simplify container deployment, scaling of containers & container load balancing. Kubernetes can run on-premises bare metal, OpenStack, public clouds Google, Azure, AWS, etc.

A fundamental difference between Kubernetes and Docker is that Kubernetes is meant to run across a cluster while Docker runs on a single node. Kubernetes is more extensive than Docker Swarm and is meant to coordinate clusters of nodes at scale in production in an efficient manner. Kubernetes pods—scheduling units that can contain one or more containers in the Kubernetes ecosystem—are distributed among nodes to provide high availability.

Yes, we can. Kubernetes and Docker are fundamentally different technologies that work well together for building, delivering, and scaling containerized apps. Kubernetes and Docker work together. Docker provides an open standard for packaging and distributing containerized applications. Using Docker, you can build and run containers, and store and share container images. One can easily run a Docker build on a Kubernetes cluster, but Kubernetes itself is not a complete solution.

There are no such skill-set required that is needed to learn Angular. However, having basic knowledge of development using .NET or JavaScript will help you.

According to PayScale, Docker/Kubernetes Developers earn an average of $83,000 per year.

Docker has already captured and changed the IT world with the debut of its Portable Lightweight Container Engine. Over 30 percent of IT firms have already used Docker, and the percentage is expanding at a rate of 40 percent each year.
By providing comparability across contexts, it almost entirely eliminated the need for someone to declare it worked on my machine. It will function not just in development but also in production. 

The ease with which Docker organises and manages containerized applications is astounding. When considering the containerize industry, it is worth noting that about 80% of the containerize sector, with over 1000 Global Fortune organisations, uses Docker as their primary container platform. 

Docker And Kubernetes

The Docker Training Course will teach the candidate how to develop and use containers on the Docker platform. The Docker certification training course will provide an end-to-end and powerful learning experience of advanced technologies and methodologies used in the Docker platform, such as Docker, composing Docker containers, Docker engines, Docker images, and more. The learner will have a thorough understanding of Docker Hub, Docker File, and the ability to construct Docker images by the end of the course. After you’ve mastered Docker, you’ll learn how to manage containers with Kubernetes.

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Docker and Kubernetes


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